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Leaders who are at the helm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution must understand the difference between change and transformation. Change is constant. Transformation is disruptive. Many leaders have not yet grasped these concepts in meaningful ways. Who are these leaders? They are you and me. Looking around for someone else to lead the way is officially a waste of time. We are all empowered with democratised technologies,...

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Intellectual property, customer data, contract details, business strategies: there’s no end to the information at risk. That’s why it’s important to appreciate how these risks occur and importantly how they can be addressed. According to Quocirca, an IT research and analysis firm, 63 percent of the businesses it surveyed have been victims of print related data breaches. Additionally, the Ponemon Institute found that 60 percent of...

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Building upon the success and reliability of its predecessors, the new lineup features Security Information Event Management (SIEM) integration and other cyber-security feature enhancements that allow for efficient activity monitoring and threat detection that extend beyond traditional MFD security features designed to help prevent unauthorised access to organisational assets....

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