Protecting Sensitive Data at the MFD

As organisations move toward digital communication and practice, they know they must protect online data.

But printed materials require the same level of security and attention. To fully protect your data, it’s important to consider where and how information can be compromised

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Improving Your Document Security

When it comes to safeguarding document security, the challenge for SMBs is there are too many information touch points throughout a business’s processes that introduce risk while generating, using, and sharing documents with staff, customers, and others.

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Why MPS makes perfect business sense

Despite the advances in information technology, many organisations still look like they have an addiction to paper. It’s everywhere, acting like a security blanket, despite its inherently vulnerable stat

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Hot Desking

Why is it we need extreme weather such as witnessed in last week’s heatwave, combined with commuting chaos, to remind us that there is a smarter and more effective way to enable the workforce today, rather than getting hot under the collar?

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Social engineering and cyber security

Social engineering is the ability to manipulate people into willfully giving up their confidential information. The data varies, but in terms of cyber security this usually means passwords and bank information. Criminals are using social engineering to gain…

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Mobile Print Comes of Age

With the ever increasing use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, some may think that the need for paper copy is diminishing. The facts are that the demand for print hasn’t changed.

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