How Hybrid Mail is revolutionising the way businesses send post

Discovering a smarter way to manage outbound mail

Have you considered how many individual items of post you or your organisation mails out each day?

Printing documents from an office or remote-based printer, inserting them into individual envelopes, franking them or affixing stamps, and then depositing them into the outbound mail tray, day in, day out… When you sit back and think about it, the time and costs involved in this seemingly simple task are enormous. There must be a more efficient way – and there is.

Introducing ‘Hybrid Mail’ – a simple and secure solution which is revolutionising the way businesses distribute letters and other outbound communication. Once logged into an easy to use digital platform, it allows staff to upload and send all outbound mail direct from their desktop into the Royal Mail delivery network, straight to a recipient’s doormat. It’s as simple as pressing File – Print.

Hybrid Mail is particularly relevant in the current climate. With many employees working from home, managing outbound mail has become even more challenging. Ensuring supplies of headed paper, stamps and envelopes are maintained, and then making sure the mail makes it in time for the daily post, is an unnecessary headache for many businesses. And that’s assuming your staff actually have printers at home.

Let’s run through a few of the benefits involved with a Hybrid Mail solution in more detail:

Perfect for modern ways of working

Manage your mailings from the comfort of your own home, shared office space or even on the move. No need to make sure your bag of post is franked in time for the daily collection, or taken down to the post box by a specified time. Mail can be arranged and distributed from any device and from anywhere.


Use the system any time of day or night

It’s a familiar scene – allocate a bit of time in the afternoon to deal with all outbound post. But then you get distracted with other work and miss the collection time. A hybrid mail solution allows you to send your mail whenever you want.


Flexible capacity

Print what you need, when you need it, with no minimum order quantity. No need to top up the franking machine, or order in another stack of stamps and envelopes.


Reduce Costs by up to 50%*

Save money on franking, stationery, toner and other printing consumables, plus control how much users spend with detailed reports and management information (* based on Royal Mail research).


Improve brand consistency

Create document templates electronically, giving uniformity to your communications and saving you money on pre-printed stationary – be sure that the right logo, layout and typography are always used. Pre-set templates can also be customised whenever required.

Save time

No more trips to the post office for your staff after missing the postman. A Hybrid Mail solution affords your workforce more time to concentrate on core business activities. And no more teaching your colleagues how to use the franking machine, time after time!

Easy integration

An online portal and supporting connectivity tools integrate seamlessly with your existing business systems, while an easy to use interface makes the job of managing outbound mail a breeze.

Mail documents the same day

Send your files by 4pm and rest assured that your mail will be printed, enclosed and despatched that day from a hybrid mail hub, directly into Royal Mail’s distribution network for delivery.


Safe, secure & fully GDPR compliant

Fully GDPR compliant with data protection guaranteed, ensuring total security and confidentiality through a closed system. Security is built into the solution and all processes are fully audited and traceable.


Send large volume & multiple page mailings with ease

Distribute mass mailings via a simple mail merge, with the added reassurance of returns management and mailing date scheduling. Multiple page documents are equally easy to manage, with options for inserts and leaflet inclusion included.

High quality printing

With professional printers and hi-resolution devices, your mail always has a quality look and feel – unlike a home-based or cheap office printer, which can often cause outbound correspondence to give off the wrong impression to customers.

Hybrid mail is fast becoming an ideal way for organisations of all sizes to manage their outbound mail more efficiently. From SMEs, local government, healthcare and large enterprises, the benefits of using such a solution are clear.

Find out more about similar agile working tools on our Agile Toolkit page, or download the Hybrid Mail Guide below.

Download the Hybrid Mail Guide