Simplify workflows towards digitalisation

Automation tools help businesses to improve the way they handle information, including client registration forms, employees expense claims and marketing surveys.

Canon Automated Forms Processing solution allows us to tailor-made our services to your exact specifications. This securely captures and extracts data from any, no matter how complex, paper and electronic form. Businesses can identify errors before any analysis attempt and share the results automatically, and organise and archive every form electronically for quick and easy access.


Reduce your costs

Automate process forms without the need for expensive resources and wasting times of manual processes.

Take greater control

Take control over business documents and keep sensitive data safe using Canon Automated Forms Processing. Having full visibility of the data workflow enables businesses to identify areas for improvement.

Work faster and smarter

When data is processed quickly and accurately, human errors and wasting times are minimised and y expensive specialist staff less required.

Meet compliance standards

Easily identify errors and set rules for manual interventions. Using control standards, ensures that data meets the business security directives and is managed, stored and recorded correctly.

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