The New Workplace

7 Steps for ensuring a safe and secure workplace and workflow

We are all in this unprecedented situation together and as a business we are experiencing the same issues that most of our clients are facing.

Fortunately, we have the portfolio of solutions, along with some innovative ideas, that can help you ensure documents continue to flow efficiently and securely around your organisation.

Read on to discover some of the challenges facing today’s new workplace as well as downloading our 7 steps guide for ensuring safe and secure workplaces and workflows.

The challenge for the Workforce

With the first cautious steps of returning to our offices, social distancing rules, travel restrictions and staff welfare are influencing the evolution of the “workplace”.

For many, home working remains the preference let alone the new norm.

Communication has never been more important. Tools such as Zoom and Teams have become part of the essential Agile Toolkit, but what about documents?

Businesses still need to capture, manage and distribute documents just as effectively to support their Agile Workforce.

Digital tools for inbound and outbound workflow are now a must for effective communication with clients and colleagues, be that paper or electronic.

Easy to use and easy to deploy solutions are key.

The challenge for the Workplace

As offices slowly open up, the safety and wellbeing of staff is paramount.

Minimising touch points and ensuring safe use of shared areas and office technology such as printers and MFDs (Multifunctional devices) is part of that design and service delivery challenge.

Businesses need a balanced approach to support the users, maximising productivity and flexibility whilst minimising touch points and risk. Workflows for print and scan services need to minimise the time spent at a device, while supporting agile or roaming users and encourage greater use of central or outsourced (hybrid) services.

Security, compliance and data loss prevention remain key considerations in agile document services for both remote and office based staff.

A joined up approach is required.

Download the 7 Steps for ensuring a safe & secure workplace and workflow guide